Brew 2,900 deg.F  20 dia x 36 H BOTTOM LOADING Automatic Processing Vacuum Furnace

Brew 2,900 deg.F 20" dia x 36" H BOTTOM LOADING Automatic Processing Vacuum Furnace

Brew APF-2444

Condition: Excellent

Stock Number: 203483

BOTTOM LOAD VERTICAL VACUUM FURNACES Automatic processing furnace systems (APF) and ceramic processing furnace systems (CPF) provide fully automatic, unattended operation at temperatures to 2500°C. Parts processing is quickly cycled with rapid temperature ramp up (>100°C/min) and ramp down (up to 300°C/min). These systems may be configured as a hydrogen furnace and/or high vacuum furnace. In addition to the main heating element, optional top and bottom trim heaters are available for excellent temperature uniformity throughout the entire hot zone. Thermal Technology's APF and CPF furnaces are used for processing high purity advanced ceramic materials which are susceptible to contamination in traditional graphite furnaces. These furnaces also process refractory metals under high vacuum conditions at elevated temperatures and can be supplied without high vacuum pumps for processing in inert or reducing gas atmospheres. Each vacuum furnace is supplied as a complete system including vacuum chamber, metallic heat zone, power supply, vacuum pumps and a programmable control system. Optional upgrades to the power supply, vacuum pumps, and controls are available to meet individual requirements. Hot zones are designed to operate in wet or dry hydrogen, fully dissociated dry ammonia, inert gasses, nitrogen, or a vacuum environment. The large surface area heating elements provide excellent temperature uniformity within the working volume. Molybdenum sheet, molybdenum wire mesh, or tungsten wire mesh heating elements are used, depending on the operating temperature. A variety of work volumes, temperature, and processing capabilities are offered to match the system to the customer’s requirements. FEATURES: • Excellent Temperature Uniformity • Temperature to 2500° C • Fast Cycle Time • Fast Thermal Response • Precision Programming and Control • Dew Point Monitoring and Control • Process Sequence Control • Wet & Dry Hydrogen Operation • Easy Loading • Fast Response to Parameter Changes • Automatic Processing • Large Range of Sizes and Capacities • Field Proven Trouble-free • Problem-free Co-firing of Metalized Performance Ceramics • Can Be Configured as a High Temp • Atmosphere Containment for Accurate Vacuum Furnace Control Vertical automatic process furnaces utilize cylindrical heating elements creating uniform temperature control while operating at a low watt density for prolonged heating element life. Multiple radiation shields conserve energy while providing a clean environment and rapid thermal cycling capability. Hot zones are designed for prolonged use at the maximum specified operating temperature. The vertical APF/CPF systems are cold wall, radiation shielded, batch furnaces available with top or bottom loading or bell-jar raising configurations. The double-wall, all stainless steel furnace chamber hydraulically lifts off the base plate and hearth, providing full work area access for loading parts and instrumentation. The furnace system uses the latest microprocessor-based control systems for digital temperature control and processing sequences. More than 50 complete processing programs may be held in memory at one time. Programs are easily entered and may be modified during operation on a temporary or permanent basis. After loading and starting, operation is fully automatic. An audio/visual alarm signals the end of a cycle.

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Chamber Working Diameter20"
Chamber Working Height36"
Max. Temperature2900 deg. F
Cubic capacity6.5 Cu Ft.
Max. Workload1,000 lbs

Equipped With:
* Controls * Vacuum Pump

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Brew 2,900 deg.F  20 dia x 36 H BOTTOM LOADING Automatic Processing Vacuum Furnace
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